Das Erwachen By Estheo Escape Room Wien

The Awakening

It's winter and the nights are longer than usual in the year. Everything is gray in gray and dark. In the middle of one of these nights you hear mysterious bells and open your eyes. You realize you aren't awak yet, but find yourself in a black and white nightmare. Fortunately you are trapped in this dream together with an ally. To awaken you have to bring back the colors in the nightmare before the last chime of the bell rings or you can never leave this colorless world again.

This Escape Game is a Classic room from Real Escape . It was offered until March 2019 by Real Escape Vienna under the name "Claustrophobia". The unique thing about this Escape Game is that it is played continuously while lying down. The players are in two adjacent boxes equipped with ventilation and mattresses. Of course, there is absolutely no risk, because the boxes can be opened at any time by pressing an emergency button.

2 People | from 18 Years | 30€ p.P.

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